On September 28, 1947, a group of young and blind persons, enthusiastic and resolute to do something for themselves and their future, gathered in Ilica str. 83, and founded their Association, the present Zagreb Association of Blind Persons.

On this occassion we would like to present ourselves in brief.

Zagreb Association of Blind Persons is a humanitarian, non-profitable, and basic association, gathering round, and caring for blind people from the territory of Zagreb municipality and Zagreb Region. Presently it has 1052 members, out of which even five are Homeland War invalids. Already for 60 years the association has been working to the benefit of its membership, and the range of its activities is very wide and diverse. The major part of the activities is performed by the headquarters located on the third floor of Draskoviceva 80, and through its clubs, organizations and sections. Apart from the Association headquarters there is only a villa in Bakarac.

Primarily, as association we are engaged in seeking blind persons as to help them and their families to accept the state of blindness as such, and train them how to live on their own, maximally exploiting other capacities. Our aim is to integrate them socially as much as possible. In other words, our blind need to be offered help for self-assistance, and to adapt themselves to the use of aids, and be taught how to move freely unaided and unattended, and how to read and write, etc. On this painstaking way of personal identification and finding of proper place in the society, the role of our Association is irreplaceable. We help in education, rehabilitation, and employment. As much as this has been made possible we care for social and medical needs of our members, and provide housing for them. All that is being tinged with legal protection and informing.

From December 2000 on, the Association has been publishing its monthly newsletter "Views" issued every two months, in sound technique and newsprint. If you are inquisitive, you can enhance your views, by reading it henceforth on this new web site of our own.

Thanks to their clubs, organizations and sections the blind of Zagreb Association are successful in culture and arts (music, literature, stage-craft and fine arts), sports (bowling, goalball, hiking, swimming, atlhletics), and technics (radio-amateurism, computerism) etc. Within the Association there are 7 clubs, organizations and sections, as: blind and shortsighted Drama Studio "The New Life", mountaineering club "Mountains Friends", radio-amateur club "Louis Braille", sports club "Zagreb", chess players club "Polet", vocal ensamble and the group of informatics.

If you drop in our social club rooms, you will easily find a company for one or two games of sound picado, cards or domino. If you are more culturally oriented, you can make choice between theatre play, concert, an interesting lecture or a good entertainment with tamburitza sounds or dancing. Those more venturesome could join us twice a week in tai chi exercise, or joga and japanese massage temporarily, besides many other useful exercises for the blind. If you are interested in nothing mentioned, you can dedicate yourself peacefully in our informatics-room to your best friend - a computer.

Many distinguished Zagreb intellectuals and university teachers, artists, lawyers, economists, psychologists, interpretors and lecturers come from mentioned milieu nowadays. Thanks to the strength of their spirit, persistence and creativity the blind are extending the limits of the possible. The Association active core is its professional service, though many members are involved in the activities together with volunteers. Today the Association is under successful and enterprising leadership of the president, Josip Hrvoj and the secretary, Goran Denis TomaškoviŠ. This was a brief outline on Zagreb Association of the Blind.

If you wish to contact us you can reach us on the following phone number: 48 - 11 -123, telefax number: 48 - 11 - 124 and e-mail udruga.slijepihzg.tel.hr. Person for contact: Mr. Goran Denis Tomaskovic, secretary of the Association.